No labels


No labels

February 20, 2019 No kind 0

Same for life as music, f*** genres and labels. I’m both right and left and I stand with the people and our democracy but against oppression, inequality, dictators and exploitation.

I don’t care what label anyone puts one me and have very little interest in finding a label that fits me because I’m not a product in a box and I don’t think it’s productive for my personal growth nor likely to further my aims to have a label on my forehead.

I really can’t be bothered to argue about right and left nor many other artificial constructs because they are not a solution to any of the issues in life. I’d rather find the bits of truth that are inherent in most theories and thoughts and use them to improve and develop my own views and plans.

But I know who my enemies are and it’s very clear, most of the time. Some of them are persons or groups, some of them are ideas and ideologies. I don’t need any deep analysis to see what is right in front of my eyes. And if you are reading this and generally agree with me then I’m not talking about you :)

We are at war and we always have been, a war between those who want to own everything without regard for other people and those who basically just want a safe and decent life for themselves and their families. The latter is my side in this war.

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