Bye bye United Kingdom, interesting times

I realized this yesterday and commented on some fb posts but didn’t really hit me until now: Britain is no more, it’s dead. I never expected to see this in my lifetime.

There’s only England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (Northern and Republic) and of course, Gibraltar (and others but less important). This was decided in the Brexit referendum yesterday which ostensibly was about UK exit from the EU but, as sometimes happens with  big decisions, the repercussions are bigger than the intended results. Now it’s just a matter of time for the official death certificate but (Great) Britain / United Kingdom died yesterday.

Scotland will leave the UK, join the EU and prosper. If the Irish can overcome their differences they could do well also (a bit harder for sure) but England will suffer and Wales will suffer the most. If Gibraltar leaves as well (I’ve no idea, it’s a quite UK nationalistic society from what little I know) the no-more-united Kingdom will lose a major strategic foothold which will be eaten up by Spain before the end of this decade.

This to me is a much bigger event than the UK leaving the EU.

Will we be ruled by fear? 

Once again fear and hate propaganda won. We’ve seen too often how the extreme (and not so extreme) right uses fear of the unknown as a tool to manipulate the population.

The simple question is: How can we counter this tactic? I very much doubt that there is a simple answer though but it’s probably the most important answer or solution that we need, unless we want to see the 1930s repeated all over Europe and more.

It’s not going to be easy because the fear mongers are pandering to one of our most basic survival instincts, fear. Their task has been relatively easy, ours is not. But together we can do it if only because this is what humanity and human society is and always has been about: To overcome our base instincts and become something more, intelligent beings in a rational society.

This is a cry for help. To all that want our world to be governed by information over ignorance, of rationality rather than stupidity, of thought over basic instincts. We must work together and find a way to counter this menace otherwise we’re royally fucked. Continue reading “Will we be ruled by fear? “

We should not let the sociopaths control how we think and talk

One of the reasons why creeps and sociopaths control so much of our world is that decent people too often get lost in arguments about details that they disagree on. The sociopaths play on this using the “Divide and conquer” strategy to great effect.

What this means in practice is that some people try to blame everything bad on another race/religion/country when the simple truth is that people who do disgusting shit are found in every race, in every religion, in every country.

The battle lines should be real simple: Decent human beings against the disgusting creeps and sociopaths. Anything else is just playing into the hands of the creeps as witnessed by our current state of affairs.

Why it makes no sense to talk about “helping them at home”

Why not help them at home?

It makes no sense to talk about “helping them at home” because:
1) they don’t have a home anymore and
2) if they somehow manage to build a new home the odds are it will get bombed again. If not by their countrymen or neighbors, then by us, Nato and ‘friends’.

Please stop being stupid and scared, it’s not going to make the world better, it will make it worse, also in your home.

My travel links – for me and you

I’ve been travelling quite a bit in recent years, mostly on behalf of Citizens Foundation, spreading democracy and telling people about our work on improving democracy. In that process I’ve learned quite a bit on how to plan trips in a cheap and (somewhat) easy way.

Those of you who travel might find those links useful:
My favorite travel planning links. Some of those you probably use already (GMaps and AirBnB) and some have more useful links…

And the extension that services the link above is a really useful one for getting lots of links to other people (and yourself) in a simple way, highly reccomended.

Minister resigns thanks to two Icelandic reporters

After a year of relentless and selfless work on behalf of two Icelandic journalists, Jón Bjarki Magnússon and Jóhann Páll Jóhannsson, the Minister of Interior resigns. Atli Þór Fanndal and Jón Trausti Reynisson definitely also deserve praise for their part in this as journalist and editor.

Not only the majority coalition and their government of the rich and privileged but also most of the minority at Parliament has behaved despicably and proven that their prime focus is on a status quo in Icelandic political integrity.

For information check out Reykjavík Grapevine English coverage on the link below.

Minister Of The Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir To Resign – The Reykjavik Grapevine.

On the same day it was announced that DV, the newspaper Jón Bjarki and Jóhann Páll are working has been sold to a “former” politician which has a similarly negative amount of integrity and honor as the minister that just resigned. Although that qualifies as bad news it’s mostly a rubber stamp of previous happenings at DV.

We are assured that the takeover will have no influence on the content and policies of DV but my rational self is extremely skeptical about that. And my conscience will not allow me to re-subscribe to DV as my money will therefore go to people that are succeeding much too well in stealing Iceland from us, the citizens. It’s a moral dilemma as I really want to support real journalism in Iceland which is much too rare on the grounds.