It’s all about control


It’s all about control

April 26, 2017 No kind 0

Today I deactivated my Facebook account. Almost no one will know because I have no way of telling people without reactivating my account. Basically, Facebook has taken over way too much of my life, it’s been my information portal, my contact center, my way of giving and receiving info. It’s strange not to be there, a hole in my life. The reason is not that I want to get off the hook, cut the addiction. That part wouldn’t really matter if what I was getting from it was real. It’s not.

People used to say that you shouldn’t throw out FB friends that you didn’t agree with because you’d get stuck in a bubble of confirmation bias but that’s just not true anymore. Facebooks algorithms do not show me content from those people, it almost only shows me content that I agree with even though I have several friends with wrong ;) opinions.

It has long since passed the point of being useful and has become addiction only, like every other drug. Ctrl-T -> f -> Enter (New tab, f autocompletes to, Enter opens Facebook) has become more automatic to my fingers than filling a needle has become to the heroin junkie because I do (did!) it so often (Facebook that is, not the needle, that’s not my style ;) ). All the time. First thing upon waking up, last thing before going to bed. On my phone in every dead (or not dead) moments and oh so very, very seldom with anything meaningful coming out of it.

The reason for how strong a drug it is? Contact with people, communications. We all crave communication and we (almost) all crave

So now I’m not able to spew my opinions out to a handful of people that FB thinks should see my posts. That is a bummer, ehhh, not really.

Edit: Ooops, I got hooked on FB again but am now (22.02.19) in deactivation mode again. Will be using this page to post (mostly) links and more instead of posting to FB.

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