Bye bye United Kingdom, interesting times

I realized this yesterday and commented on some fb posts but didn’t really hit me until now: Britain is no more, it’s dead. I never expected to see this in my lifetime.

There’s only England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (Northern and Republic) and of course, Gibraltar (and others but less important). This was decided in the Brexit referendum yesterday which ostensibly was about UK exit from the EU but, as sometimes happens with  big decisions, the repercussions are bigger than the intended results. Now it’s just a matter of time for the official death certificate but (Great) Britain / United Kingdom died yesterday.

Scotland will leave the UK, join the EU and prosper. If the Irish can overcome their differences they could do well also (a bit harder for sure) but England will suffer and Wales will suffer the most. If Gibraltar leaves as well (I’ve no idea, it’s a quite UK nationalistic society from what little I know) the no-more-united Kingdom will lose a major strategic foothold which will be eaten up by Spain before the end of this decade.

This to me is a much bigger event than the UK leaving the EU.

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